Disappearing, Historic Coventry

Here you will find facts and photos of precious remnants of the Historic City of Coventry that is disappearing due to ill treatment and neglect. It is saddening to see how the heritage of Coventrians is being lost over recent years. I am publishing these pages to raise awareness of these irretrievable losses for anyone who is interested in researching or preserving our history and heritage for future generations.

Coventry Charterhouse

A long-hidden Coventry treasure - a part of the city's heritage which needs to be preserved for future generations of Coventry folk to enjoy.

London Road Cemetery

Some historical facts and photos of this once beautiful and peaceful old cemetery. A cemetery such as this should be a place of respect and remembrance, as well as providing a treasure trove of information for family tree researchers and historians.

Tragically, back around 2005 London Road Cemetery suffered from neglect and a great deal of overzealousness from the Health and Safety people. The effect of which was undue financial expense to bereaved families, outrage and distress. I took some photographic evidence, so you can see for yourself. Happily this has not been repeated since the public outcry.

Coventry Old Grammar School

This once beautiful historic building was once in a tragic state of decay due to neglect. I have published my photographs and related facts about this classic building. Happily, this wonderful old building was refurbished and reopened in 2015.

Coventry's Elephant

A real historical connection between Coventry and an elephant. Includes a transcript of an historic record from around 150 years ago.

Hannah Harrison Lowe - descended from royalty?

A local story reputes that Coventrian Hannah Harrison Lowe was descended from royalty. Follow the link to read more about this interesting local story.

Coventry The Hidden History (Archive Photographs) by Iain Soden

Based on 40 years of excavation, this is a comprehensive history of Coventry, which looks in particular at its economic growth from Saxon times to become, by the fourteenth century, one of the foremost cities of medieval England, surrounded by a wall with 20 towers and 12 gates.

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