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Free Census Searches

I have compiled a list of genuine free census search resources which can be a very useful tool for researching your family tree. My census page also includes an easy to understand explanation of what a census is, what they look like, and how they can help you discover facts about your family history. Feedback indicates that my census list is more useful than many of the free census link lists out there.

Old Occupations

Dictionary of Old Occupations ebook

My Dictionary of Old Occupations contains definitions of over two thousand old jobs, trades and professions. I have been compiling this information during many years spent researching family trees. It is a useful free resource for looking up the occupations listed on birth, marriage and death certificates, as well as those trades listed on census returns.

In 2009 I decided to make this information available online free of charge, and have been adding to the list on an on-going basis ever since. If you have uncovered an historic occupation in your family history and are searching for its meaning then my Dictionary of Old Occupations may be able to help you.

In April 2011 I decided to publish the Dictionary of Old Occupations as an ebook, allowing offline access to this family tree resource via ebook readers. Don't worry, the Dictionary of Old Occupations is still available free of charge from, but for the modern researcher there is now an option to buy it low cost from online booksellers.

Available in Kindle and other formats.

Beginners - getting started on your family research

Just getting started researching your family tree? I have put together some simple tips aimed at the complete beginner. So if you are wondering "how do I start tracing my family tree?" then follow the link for some helpful advice.

Sources of family tree information

Continuing on from the list of beginners tips, here you will find some common sources of family tree information to point the novice in the right direction when they start their own research project.

Family Tree FAQ

To save time answering frequently asked questions I receive about family tree research, I wrote my Family Tree FAQ which might be able to help you if you have a query about family tree research.

Local History

If you are interested in local history about Coventry and Warwickshire then I have published a lot of free information, much of which will help people to research their family trees if they had ancestors living in this area. There are A-Z lists of Blitz victims available on this site where you can search for family surnames, and also information about Coventry military history where there are more details about individuals which might help if you are searching for a local ancestor.

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