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photo family tree researched by Jane Hewitt

An example of a Photo Family Tree.
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I offer many family tree related services. Here are some examples of services on offer. If you are interested in researching your family tree, please contact me for a free consultation to discuss your family tree research requirements.

Family Tree Research

I can research your family tree, uncovering ancestors as far back as historical records permit. (My own family tree currently contains over 3300 people and dates back to 1637. It is still expanding as I uncover more and more ancestors and add them to my family tree).

I research ancestors in several countries: I have successfully researched family tree details for customer's ancestors in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the United States, Canada and Australia - so far!

I will search through available census records, parish records, even prison records, and obtain copies of Birth, Marriage, Death and burial records from archives across the country, on your behalf, to build your family tree.

If you wish to look into the military records of ancestors who served in World War One, I can save you a trip to Kew and hours of searching the archives.

If you are thinking "I want an affordable expert to research my family tree" then look no further.

Presentation Packs

I can compile a presentation pack to showcase your family tree. Usually these packs include a dedication page, copies and transcripts of the family records and census data found during our research project, even a family crest / motto if one exists. These make a lovely heirloom to pass on to children or grandchildren.

Family Tree

An example of a traditional family tree.
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I offer a local photography service. Historic buildings and ancestor gravestone photos are popular amongst my customers. I am happy to purchase flowers to place on your ancestor's grave if you wish, and provide photos for you to keep in your family album.

Reuniting families

It can be very rewarding when I am able to trace long lost family members and put them in touch with each other. This often leads to emotional family reunions, and exchanges of family history info and photographs.

Gift ideas

A well researched Family Tree makes an excellent present for a loved one's special birthday or Christmas gift. An unusual and special gift produced especially for them - a professionally researched family tree. Something that they can treasure and pass on to their grandchildren. Or perhaps a gift for yourself? I may even find the odd black sheep among your family history, which may include such diverse ancestors as a labourer or even an aristocrat! We can aim to complete your research project sufficiently in advance that you can present a lovely family tree and related documents to the lucky individual on the day.

Family Tree Gift Certificates

Left it until the last minute to find that special gift for a loved one? Not to worry - buy one of my Family Tree Gift Certificates as a present! You control the price by choosing how many research hours you wish to invest in. I can then work with either yourself or the lucky recipient to research and produce their family tree. It makes great present for birthdays, Christmas or anniversaries which can be passed down to younger generations as your family history grows. All my family tree research services can be bought as gift certificates, whether you prefer an hourly rate or a research package. Contact me for details.

Training, advice and guidance

Stuck researching your own family tree? I offer advice and guidance for people who are researching their own family tree, but who have 'hit a brick wall'. I can often kick start your research project if you need a helping hand. If you are one of the many enthusiast family tree researchers who would like some expert advice then I can usually help.

Just getting started on your own? If you are novice longing to research your family tree on your own but unsure how to begin, I can provide helpful guidance to get you up and running on what can be a fascinating hobby.

Family Tree research into Parish Records

Parish Records

Certificate Services

I can search for and order Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates on your behalf.

GEDCOM and PAF Files

For the technically minded, I can accept and produce both GEDCOM and PAF files for you.

GEDCOM is a file format for storing genealogical data in a way which is compatible with a variety of family tree software packages. The name GEDCOM stands for GEnealogical Data COMmunication. PAF stands for Personal Ancestral File, and again can be used to store genealogical information. GEDCOM files seem more widely used than PAF, but I can work with whichever of these formats your software supports.

There is no extra charge for producing GEDCOM or PAF files if you let me know up front that you would like me to produce one for you when I research your family history.

Photo Family Tree researched by Jane Hewitt

I researched this photo tree for the Beesley family.
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The Real Deal!

As a professional Genealogist I aim to provide a high standard of service and produce a real family tree, not just a list of names from a Telephone Directory! I have come across reports about members of the public who have been duped into paying for what they thought was a professionally researched family tree, only to receive unverified lists of names where the surname matches the customer. An impressive advert or website is no guarantee that you will receive a well researched family tree produced by an expert.

I, on the other hand, have been providing genuine family tree related services to the public for many years, and pride myself on being an authentic, experienced and helpful family tree researcher. You may even find some of the copycat family tree sites showing entire sections of text which appear to have been copied and pasted from, tweaked slightly, then published to advertise other family tree researchers. One can only speculate about the honesty and ethics of such sites.

My prices are very competitive; some internet based family tree researchers / genealogists will charge you double my rates or more to research the same family tree.

Contact Me

If you are interested in researching your family tree, please contact me for a free consultation to discuss your research requirements.

Technical Note

The sample family tree files linked from this page are in PDF format. Most people already have the required software on their computer to be able to read these files. If you need some software then there are many free PDF viewers available, such as Adobe Reader. I use Foxit Reader myself. You can find these easily using Google, Bing or similar search sites.

Free Family Tree resources and information

You can find a selection of useful free family tree research resources here on, which I provide to help fellow family tree enthusiasts who are researching their own family trees. My free family tree resources include a dictionary of old occupations so you can look up the meaning of job titles found in census records uncovered whilst researching your family history, a collection of genuinely helpful free census sites you can access online, and lots of local historical records to assist anyone with ancestors from my part of the country. See my free family tree resources page for the full list.

Jane Hewitt is an experienced, professional family tree researcher and genealogist providing full ancestry research services at competitive prices.

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