Coventry at War

Here you will find interesting and useful local information relating to the First and Second World Wars.

Please take a look around at these fascinating records and accounts of real wartime experiences in Coventry - Jane

First World War Diary of a Coventry soldier

A personal account from the private diary of a local Coventry soldier who gave his life during World War One. Details the events leading up to the Sergeant's tragic death attempting save the lives of his comrades by trying to flush out a hidden enemy sniper who was taking potshots at an English camp.

My research into World War One burials at Coventry

I have transcribed records of First World War related burials at London Road cemetery, and researched additional details for a few. I intend to research and add more details when time permits. This list is a useful resource for family tree researchers trying to find information about their Coventry ancestors. If you have relatives on the list, I can perform additional research for you, provide gravestone photography or put flowers on graves. Please contact me. if this interests you.

My research into World War Two burials at Coventry

Another useful resource for family tree researchers! I have transcribed records of Second World War burials at London Road Cemetery, and researched details for some. Again, I intend to expand upon these details when I can. If you wish me to research someone on this list, take photographs of gravestones for you, or put flowers on a grave then please contact me.

In Memory of Coventry's Royal Engineers

Information about these British heroes who gave their lives to save local families from Nazi bombs.

Records and memorabilia of the Humber Guard

Research records and memorabilia about this local Home Guard Battalion.

Memorabilia, transcripts and research on the 16th Warwickshire (Coventry) Battalion Home Guard

I have transcribed a large piece of memorabilia from this Home Guard battalion's charitable public event in 1943. The event raised money for the Prisoners of War fund. As well as being interesting reading, the programme contains names and dates of interest to family tree researchers.

Coventry at War - David McGrory

(This one even contains a photo of my grandfather! - Jane)

Local bestselling author, David McGrory, takes a fresh look at Coventry during the war years. Using over 200 photographs, many previously unpublished, and informative captions, the author explores various aspects of wartime Coventry.

Among the subjects included are the Auxiliary Fire Service, the Home Guard and transport and bomber manufacture at Armstrong Whitworth's plants in Whitley and Baginton. Also illustrated in this title are numerous scenes of the city's destruction including images from the notorious eleven-hour raid of 14 November 1940.

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