Gravestone photography of Walter Wright's grave. He was lost on the Lusitania

WW1 Burials at London Road, Coventry. Part 1.

The following is a list of those killed in the First World War and buried in London Road Cemetery, Coventry

If you are looking for details of victims of the Coventry Blitz who are buried at London Road Cemetery, Coventry then please follow this link.

I have researched details of a great many victims who tragically lost their lives in the WW2 Coventry Blitz.

If you are interested in any of the names listed or anyone from or residing in Coventry who was killed in the First or Second World Wars, please contact me.

I can research local historic records including the Coventry Roll of the Fallen for further details.

It may also be possible to find more details from research at Kew.

I can also photograph local graves and lay flowers on your behalf.

(Please be aware that this list is divided into two parts. Follow this link to continue reading list of World War One burials, which continues on the next page)

William Joseph Atkins, Private Army Service Corps, died 24/11/1916, age unknown

Luke Barker, Pioneer Royal Engineers, died 27/06/1917, age 41

H F Bennett, Gunner Royal Field Artillery, died 01/02/1916, age unknown

H Blythe, Air Mechanic 3rd Class Royal Air Force, died 23/10/1918, age unknown

Arthur Boon, Second Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps, died 29/03/1917, age 22

J H Bourne, Driver Royal Field Artillery, died 04/03/1915, age unknown

John Henry Brown, Lance Bombardier Royal Garrison Artillery, died 27/10/1918, age unknown

Robert Brown, Private Army Service Corps, died 11/11/1914, age 24

William Brown, Air Mechanic 2nd Class Royal Air Force, died 21/06/1918, age 25

Basil Burrows, Private Royal Army Service Corps, died 18/02/1919, age 33

Raymond Coates, Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment, died 29/01/1919, age unknown

Sydney Collett, Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment, died 28/01/1917, age 20

James Powles Collyer, Sapper Canadian Engineers, died 15/12/1916, age unknown

James Connolly, Private Royal Fusiliers, died 07/05/1917, age 19

Agnes Hilda Coome, Member Women's Royal Air Force, died 19/12/1918, age unknown

Walter Henry Cooper, Gunner 16307 Royal Field Artillery, died 30/11/1918, age 34

Arthur Cribdon, Driver Army Service Corps, died 18/05/1915, age 27

Charles Crossland, Private 2nd Class Royal Air Force, died 30/06/1918, age 30

Frederick Crowton, Private Royal Berkshire Regiment, died 26/10/1917, age 19

I B Darlow, Boy Royal Navy, died 25/10/1918, age 18

J Day, Private Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry, died 05/05/1919, age 33

Erbest James Flannagan, Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment, died 14/09/1917, age unknown

John Bryan Flint, Rifleman King's Royal Rifle Corps, died 01/03/1919, age 27

James French, Private The King's (Liverpool Regiment), died 15/05/1917, age 24

Samuel Hussleby Garrett, Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment, died 15/07/1915, age 19

Jack Garside, Second Lieutenant Royal Air Force, died 18/11/1918, age 21

Stephen Walter Giles, Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment, died 15/02/1918, age 22

Joseph Henry Green, Sergeant Canadian Engineers, died 11/02/1917, age 34

Percy Guy, Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery, died 02/11/1918, age 28

F Hall, Private King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, died 21/03/1918, age unknown

Ernest Harrow, Air Mechanic 2nd Class Royal Air Force, died 11/06/1918, age unknown

Patrick Healey, Private Royal Munster Fusiliers, died 10/04/1918, age 34

Joseph Hill, Gunner Royal Field Artillery, died 01/07/1918, age 40

Francis Joseph Hogan, Private Irish Guards, died 27/03/1918, age 34

Christopher Horsley, Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment, died 21/01/1915, age 18

J B Howdle, Battery Quartermaster Serjeant Royal Field Artillery, died 12/12/1916, age 27

William Hughes, Stoker 1st Class Royal Navy, died 20/01/1919, age 23

Thomas Law Husselby, Cadet Royal Air Force, died 30/10/1918, age 18

Alfred Hutt, Private Dorsetshire Regiment, died 27/11/1918, age 40

(The list of World War One burials continues on next page)

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