The Humber Home Guard, Coventry

15th Warwickshire (Coventry) Battalion Parade Orders and memorabilia

15th.Warwickshire (Cov) Battn. Home Guard.
"C" Company.

On the occasion of the Battalion Church Parade and Annual Armistice Day Celebration.

ASSEMBLY. 09.20 hours Platoon Parades.

PARADE. 09.30 hours Company Parade. On arrival at Battalion Assembly ground Stoke Green the Company Sergt. Major will be responsible for handing to the R.S.M. a statement of numbers on Parade.

BAND. The Band of the 17th Warwicks (Coventry) Battn. Home Guard, by kind permission of the Lt.Col.P.Graham, will attend.

INSPECTION. The Sector Commander Col.C.W.Clark D.S.O., M.C., will inspect the Battalion at 10.20.hours.

SERVICE. Divine Service at St.Margaret’s Church directed by the Chaplain Rev.J.Cornes, M.C., at 11.00 Hours.

SALUTE. After the Service the Battalion will move to the Saluting Base Stoke Green. The Salute will be taken by the Sector Commander Col.C.W.Clark D.S.O., M.C., Company Salute will be By Platoons.

DRESS. Officers – Battledress, Anklets, Cane and gloves will be carried.
O.R’s. – Battledress and anklets. No Side arms.
Decorations will not be worn.
Poppies will be worn on Field Service Caps.

WREATH PARTIES. 2/Lt.E.Minion will be in charge of wreath parties and will provide wreath bearers for O.C. "C" Company.

Transcribed Home Guard Parade Orders from 1943

The Home Guard - S. P. MacKenzie

Today we might laugh at 'Dad's Army', but in 1940 the threat of a German invasion of Britain was a very real one detailed and readable history of the Home Guard offers a new perspective on the men who took up the challenge.

Despite its popular image of old men and teenagers playing soldiers, the Home Guard, often as large as the wartime army, became an astonishingly strong political force in its own right.

Quite literally the people in arms it proved able to exert a good deal of influence on policy.

Note from King George thanking a Home Guard member

Thank You note from
King George
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Local history: A Humber - Hillman works pass and air raid precautions

Humber - Hillman works
pass and air raid precautions




22nd September. 1939

In the event of your receiving a message from No.4.Gate to say that message – air raid warning yellow has been sent out, will you immediately go up to No.4 Zone control, which is the cottage adjacent to No.4 Gate.

You will then remain at the post and receive further orders from Central Control.

If you hear the siren note (Fluctuating) you will wait until Mr.Harris, the zone warden, advises you that all men in V.4. section are under cover. You will then advise Central Control of this.

Mr.Harris will remain with you till you receive the green signal – raiders passed, he will then go out and see if the route to the trenches is clear; if so, he will report to you so that you can advise Central Control.

You will then await the white signal from Central Control so that you can advise him to evacuate the men in the trenches back to work.


Home Guard Air Raid orders

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