1/7th Battalion Royal Warwickshires War Diary

The Personal Diary of Sergeant Edward Brookes Service No: 1168 of 46 Craners Road, Coventry.

Sergeant Brookes gave his life for his country.
His war diary has been transcribed by J Hewitt, Family Tree Researcher

"This Book is of little value except to owner, please return to above address" - Sgt. Brookes.

Edward Brookes of the Royal Warwickshires

Sergt.Edward Brookes
Born 01/05/1879 Willenhall Staffordshire
Died 11/05/1915 Aged 36

Royal Warwickshires on route to Coventry Station

On Route to the Station
at the start of WW1
(Warwick Row Coventry)

August 2nd - Left Coventry for Rhyl Camp

August 3rd - Returned to Coventry

August 4th - Mobilized

August 5th - Left for Weymouth

August 9th - Left for Swindon

August 16th - Left Swindon

August 17th - Arrived Leyton

August 21st - Left Leyton on Truck

August 22nd - Dunstable

August 23rd - Hitchin

August 24th - Ware

August 25th - Epping

August 26th - Brentwood

August 28th - Arrived Stock

September 15th-18th - On Leave

September 25th - Left Stock for Chelmsford

September 25th - Arrived at Chelmsford

October 14th - Kings Review

October 16th - Left Chelmsford for Tiptree

October 16th - Arrived Tiptree

October 20th - Left Tiptree for Witham

November 30th - Left Witham for Chelsea

(Course of Instruction)

December 12th - Returned to Witham

March 22nd - Left Witham for France

March 23rd - Arrived Le Havre

March 24th - Left Le Havre - Rouen, St Omer, Calais, Boulogne, Cassil.

(The War Diary continues on the next page, where Sergeant Brookes arrives in the war zone)

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