Home Guard Blitz Deaths

11th Warwickshire Battalion (Singer Motor Company)

Photo showing John (Jack) Frost in Home Guard uniform

Photo of John (Jack) Frost in his Home Guard Uniform

Volunteer Harry Cook Aged 33
Lance Corp. Arthur James Terence Gorman Aged 21
Volunteer Sydney Hartopp Aged 18
J H Thompson Aged 31
Lionel Scott Aged 24

14th Warwickshire Battalion

Beck, Alfred John Aged 42

15th Warwickshire Battalion

Volunteer John Bunstone Aged 19

17th Warwickshire Battalion

Volunteer Thomas Digby Jones Aged 45

Unknown Battalion

Herbert (Bert) Bausor Aged 39
Henry Antrobus Bowron Aged 36
Arthur Joseph ClarkeAged 35
William James Albert Dennis Aged 44
Arthur Farthing Aged 53
Wilfred Harold Fern Aged 18
Dennis George Handley Aged 22
Arthur James Aged 33
William PointerAged 48
Anthony Hugo Haddon Reilly Aged 20
Roland Smith Aged 27

Image of John Frederick Fell and the Warwickshire Transport Home Guard Company

John Frederick Fell and the Warwickshire Transport
Home Guard Company

Photo of John Frederick Fell and his Warwickshire Home Guard Company kindly donated by Carol Morton. Furthur information on this Company would be much appreciated.

If you have any home guard memories, photos or memorabilia you would like me to add to this site please contact me.

The People's Army: The Home Guard in Scotland 1940-1944

Based on contemporary archive materials and personal accounts, Brian Osborne examines the human story of the Home Guard in Scotland and the impact that this remarkable organisation had on society and on those that became involved with it. The Home Guard, and its forerunner the Local Defence Volunteers, was genuinely a 'people's army' with its own ethos, character and political influence. At its peak nearly 2 million men were enrolled, trained and served without pay in their own time and, usually, after a full day's work at the civilian occupation.

The Home Guard played a vital part in the defence of the country from 1940-1944, but despite its significance the story of the Home Guard in Scotland has never before been fully told - from Shetland to Galloway, Scottish Home Guardsmen fulfilled a wide range of roles far beyond the popular image of the 'Dad's Army' of general service infantry battalions. Horseback patrols in the Borders, armoured trains, anti-aircraft gunners at factories throughout Scotland, anti-aircraft rocket batteries from Aberdeen to Greenock all saw the Home Guard actively engaged in the national struggle.

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