Useful links for family history projects

Here are some links to other internet sites which are of historical value or useful for family tree researchers.

Coventry Family History Society

If your family are from the Coventry area then why not join the Coventry Family History Society? They have many useful local CD's and books available from their bookshop. For a small membership fee you receive their quarterly journal which makes interesting reading. You could always make a contribution yourself!

Historic Coventry

An excellent local site looking back at the history of Coventry.

Coventry Memories

An online memories collection capturing stories and images relating to Coventry.

The Coventry Watch Museum Project

This site is particularly interesting from a family history viewpoint, because so many Coventry folk were involved in the watchmaking industry at its height that if your family originated from the area you are almost sure to have Watch Making Ancestors.

The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (Royal Warwickshire) Museum

Fascinating museum, tells the story of over 300 years of history of the Royal Warwickshire County Regiment.

The Charterhouse, Coventry

History of the Grade 1 listed Carthusian Priory of St Anne in Coventry

Friends of the London Road Cemetery, Coventry

All about the wonderful, historic London Road cemetery in Coventry

Jayne Shrimpton

Photograph dating and analysis service.

BMD Certificates

I can provide this service, see my price list.

UK Family Researcher

As a Family History Researcher and Genealogist I began with this, my first website, some years ago. My current website provides a more complete list of Coventry Blitz Victims, Home Guard and Local information as well as advertising my services. I have kept this archive of my first website available as an historical curio.

Rock Hard Reviews

... And now for something completely different. Here's a non-genealogy link to a terrific new music site I helped the authors set up in 2012.

Soldiers in trench during WW1

Veterans' Voices: Coventry's Unsung Heroes of the Second World War (In Old Photographs) by Caroline Freeman-Cuerden

The story of Coventry’s war has often been told. This book is different.

Turning the focus away from the city itself, these are the memories of 23 veterans, just a few of the thousands of Coventry men and women who served and fought in the Second World War.

Their stories are recounted here in their own words, interspersed with letters documents, diary excerpts and photographs. We also discover what it was like to return to a devastated Coventry at the end of the war.