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For family tree related queries, I (Jane Hewitt) can be contacted via .

Email is the preferred method of communication, and I strongly encourage you to use email for all serious enquiries.

If you are thinking of placing an order, please do get in touch with me first.

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Social Media

I also have a presence on social media (facebook and Twitter). My family tree research work keeps me very busy, so if you want to speak with me I recommend use of email instead.

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Dictionary of Old Occupations by Jane Hewitt

The Dictionary Of Old Occupations

Interested in history? Researching your family tree and wondering what those old occupations you found on census records actually mean? Maybe you are a creative writer looking for details to give your work authenticity? The Dictionary of Old Occupations explains the meaning of job titles, trades, professions and terms dating back through the centuries.

A handy reference ebook for family tree researchers, creative writers and history buffs. Jane is an experienced, professional genealogist. Aided by her husband, Jane compiled the Dictionary of Old Occupations over several years. This A-Z is an informative and fascinating read, giving insight into the day to day experiences of real people from all walks of life over many centuries.
Available in Kindle and all other formats.

Also available in the US.

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