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Definitions of jobs Arbalestere - Axel Turner

Arbalester: alternate spelling of Arbalister, a medieval crossbowman.

Arbalister: a medieval crossbowman.

Arbiter: person with the authority to make judgements and settle disputes.

Archer: a soldier who used bow and arrow; a Bowman.

Archiater: a chief physician retained by the monarch. The term dates back to Roman times.

Archiator: alternate spelling of Archaiter, a chief physician.

Archil Maker: made a violet / purple dye called archil for use in the textile industry. Archil was created by bruising lichens to which were added spirits and quick lime.

Ark Man: worked in the pottery industry producing slip in a tank called an ark.

Arkwright: a craftsman who made of wooden chests called arks.

Armiger: a young nobleman who carried a knight’s armour. The term evolved to include a person entitled to bear a heraldic coat of arms.

Armiger Squire: another term for an Armiger. The term evolved into 'esquire'.

Armourer: made suits of armour and weapons. The term includes the making of firearms, e.g. a Gunsmith.

Arrowsmith: artisan who made arrows, including forging metal arrowheads and fitting them to the shaft. May also include fitting the fletchings, see Fletcher.

Art Ware Maker: cast ornamental articles in the pottery trade.

Artificer: a member of the military skilled in a trade (e.g. carpentry, blacksmithing), a craftsman or an inventor. The term can also be used generically to refer to any skilled worker.

Artisan: a skilled craftsman or artificer, or a person who distresses wooden items to make them appear old.

Artist Painter: artist and expert hand painter who decorated pottery.

Ashery worker: a worker at a factory or ash pit where hardwood was converted in to pear or potash.

Ashman: a refuse collector or street sweeper. May sometimes be a misspelling of Washman.

Assayer: tested metal to check its purity.

Assay Master: was in charge of an Assay Office where metal was checked for purity, and where gold and silver were hallmarked.

Assisor: Scottish legal term for a juror in a court called an assize.

Auger Maker: produced augers which were a type of hand operated drill. The carpenter would operate the auger via a crosswise fitted handle, which required both hands to turn in order to drill holes in wood.

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Aulnager: alternate spelling of Alnagewr, an official who inspected the quality and measures of woollen goods for retail.

Aurifaber: a Goldsmith, specialised in working gold and precious metals.

Avenator: according to many, many online lists this is a merchant who sold hay and other forage, presumably for animal feed. Have yet to confirm this.

Avener: an Army Officer under the Master of Horse, in charge of obtaining oats for the stables and managing the accounts.

Avowry: an Advocate who represents another in legal matters, or a Lord of the Manor.

Axel Tree Maker: manufactured axles for use on carts and wagons.

Axel Turner: another term for an Axel Tree Maker

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