Dictionary of Old Occupations

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Definitions of jobs Gatherer's Boy - Glassewryght

Gatherer’s Boy: assisted a gatherer in a glass factory.

Gatward: a goat-herd.

Gauger: gauged quantities of alcohol so that the correct amount of duty could be levied.

Gaunter: made gloves from fabric or leather.

Gaveller: Specific to the Forest of Dean, a gaveller is an ancient title given to a person with the legal right to freely mine coal within gales (plots) in the Royal Forest.

Gelder: gelded (castrated) livestock.

Gentleman: a man of independent means, living off income from land, property or a legacy.

Gentry: denotes a well-born and well bred person, usually a wealthy land owner or minor aristocrat.

Geometer: a mathematician specialising in geometry.

Gerund Grinder: sobriquet for a Latin tutor.

Getter: Getter: alternate term for a Hewer in a coal mine.

Ghillie: a Scottish name for an attendant on a hunting, fishing or deer-stalking event.

Gigger: worked in the textile industry, operating a gigging machine. Not to be confused with similar terms used in hunting or the music industry!

Gilder: applied decorative gold-leaf to metal, wood or stone items. A very old occupation, dating back 2000-3000 years BC.

Gillie: alternative spelling of Ghillie.

Gimler: manufactured card.

Ginerr: a Joiner, which is a skilled carpentry job.

Ginny: short for Ginny Tenter, a operated a ginny carriage in the mining industry.

Ginny Tenter: a machine operator, in charge of a ginny carriage used for hauling coal or construction materials in the mining industry.

Ginour: abbreviation / misspelling of engineer.

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Girdler: leatherworker, made / sold belts etc.

Glass Coachman: a coach driver hired as a gentleman's servant. A glass coach had a pair of horses and was hired by the day, as opposed to a fly coach which had a single horse and was hired hourly.

Glassewryght: made glass goods.

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