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Definitions of jobs Quarantine - Qwylwryghte

Quarantine: a type of Customs Officer responsible for ensuring that overseas travellers remained offshore on quarantine vessels.

Quarrel Picker: cut and installed glass windows etc.

Quarrerius: a stone cutter.

Quarrier: worked in a quarry.

Quarry Man: worked in q quarry - alternate name for a Quarrier.

Quassillarius: a merchant or pedlar.

Quay Clerk: performed administrative duties at a quay or wharf, where passengers or goods were unloaded.

Queensware Potter: a maker of fine pottery.

Quencher: cooled red hot materials in water in the coke making industry.

Quiller: a machine operator in the textile industry, responsible for winding yarn.

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Quillwright: a Wheelwright / Wainwright, who built or repaired wheels.

Quilter: man who made quilted cloth.

Quiltress: female maker of quilted cloth.

Quister: bleached textiles.

Quizzing Glass Supplier: made or sold monocles.

Qwylwryghte: alternate spelling of Quillwright, meaning a Wainwright.

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