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Definitions of jobs Vabster - Vulcan

Vabster: another name for a Weaver.

Vaginarius: a Middle Age name for a craftsman who made sheaths and scabbards for blade weapons.

Valet: a male servant who acted as a personal assistant to their employer.

Valuator: appraised items to decide their current market value.

Vanman: drove a delivery vehicle to transport goods such as foodstuffs.

Varler: an alternative name for a Valet.

Vassal: a free man who was allowed to work his land in exchange for military service to his Lord.

Vatman: brewed beer or fermented wine, or someone who worked in the paper making industry.

Venator: a Roman gladiator! A great many online lists define this as a Huntsman.

Verderer: an official who policed English forests and Royal Forests set aside for hunting.

Verge Maker: a watchmaker who specialised in making spindles.

Verger: assisted in religious services.

Vermin Trapper: a pest controller.

Verrier: a French term for a glassmaker or Glazier.

Vestment Maker: a type of specialist tailor who made liturgical garments and articles for religious orders.

Vestry Messenger: Clerk, secretary or spokesman for the administrative committee of a parish or church.

Viceman: a craftsman specialised in working metal in a vice.

Victualler: a civilian merchant who sold provisions to the military. A Licensed victualler is a pub landlord.

Viewer: worked in the mining industry as a manager of a mine on behalf of the owner.

Villein: an ordinary serf in the Middle Ages.

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Vintager: harvested grapes in order to make wine.

Vinter: an alternate spelling of vintner, meaning a wine maker.

Vintner: originally meant a person who makes wine. In contemporary use it means a wine seller.

Violin string maker: made the strings for violins out of catgut - a cord made from animal intestines, usually from a pig, donkey or similar.

Virginal Player: a musician who played a virginal - a keyboard instrument from late Mediaeval and Renaissance periods.

Vocalist: a musical singer.

Vulcan: a term for a Blacksmith, possibly derived from the name of the Roman god.

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