Unknown or unidentified family tree photographs

These photographs come from various family trees. If you recognise anyone pictured herein, please help us to identify them.

Albert W ?

Can you identify this man, believed to be a Corporal in the Royal Army Ordnance Corps around 1920

This photo features an English soldier together with his French partner taken at Le Havre.

Their daughter is now a grandmother in her 80’s and would like to know what happened to her father. She was born after his return to England and all we know is that his name was Albert W ? and he was a Corporal in the Royal Army Ordnance Corps around 1920.

He returned to France a few years later to visit them but after this contact was lost.

If you recognised this photo please contact me as his daughter would be pleased to have any information.

Unknown Sailor

Do you recognise this unknown sailor believed to be from the Hillfields area of Coventry?

This unknown Sailor was probably from Coventry, his girlfriend and her family lived in the Hillfields area of the city.

He was killed in the First World War. His name may be unknown but we do know that he sailed on the HMS Tipperary as his cap ribbon is still in the possession of his girlfriend’s family. HMS Tipperary was sunk by gunfire on 1st July 1916 during the Battle of Jutland and this may be when he died. However family stories have it that he died on the Lusitania.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Unknown First World War Soldier

Can you identify this unknwon World War One soldier?

This photograph shows an unknown soldier wearing a First World War uniform, posing for a formal photograph with a child.

The child is wearing a fancy sailor suit.

He is believed to originate from Coventry, possibly from Lower Ford Street.

The photographer's name was R. Green of Coventry.

If you are able to recognise this soldier, please contact me.

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