Dictionary of Old Occupations

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Definitions of jobs Nailor - Nurse Child

Nailor: cleaned and maintained the teeth on a weaver's carding machine, or a metalworker who produced nails.

Naperer: a Domestic Servant responsible for the washing and storage of linen used for household purposes, e.g. table linen.

Napier: an alternative term for a Naperer, who looked after household linen.

Narrow Weaver: a Weaver who produced tapes and ribbons.

Navigator: a Labourer on civil engineering projects, such as railroads, roads and canals. Often an immigrant.

Navvy: an abbreviation of Navigator; a labourer on civil engineering projects, such as railroads, roads and canals.

Naylor: an alternate spelling of Nailor.

Neatherd: a cowherd who cared for neat cattle.

Neatsfoot Oil Dealer: sold neatsfoot oil, made from boiling the feet of neat cattle. The oil was used as a machine lubricant, or to treat leather.

Necessary Woman: a Domestic Servant who had the delightful job of washing and emptying chamber pots.

Necker: operated a box making machine.

Nedeller: person who made needles.

Needle Pointer: a person who filed the points of needles for a Nedeller, or an embroiderer.

Netter: person who made nets.

Night Soilman: had the thoroughly pleasant job of emptying 'night soil' from middins - outside toilets and cess pits. Usually worked through the night.

Nightman: another name for a Night Soilman. Such a great job needs more than one title to choose from.

Nightwalker: a night watchman.

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Nimgimmer: a pox doctor.

Nipper: a junior who carried goods for a Carter. Someone's got to do all the heavy lifting.

Nit Picker: removed lice from the hair of the infested.

Nob Thatcher: made wigs for the rich, powerful and vain.

Noon Tender: a dockside security guard who protected goods while everyone else was off enjoying their lunch.

Notary: a public official who notarises (authenticates) legal documents.

Noterer: alternative name for a Notary.

Nun: a woman who has taken religious vows.

Nurse Child: a paid foster parent.

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