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Definitions of jobs Pack Thread Spinner - Paper Stainer

Pack Thread Spinner: a machine operator in the textile industry making thread.

Packer: a factory worker packaging goods for transit or storage.

Packing Casemaker: made boxes / crates for storage of goods in transit.

Packman: a travelling merchant.

Pad Maker: made measuring baskets for use by market-gardeners to quantify amount of stock in bushels, pecks etc.

Page: a young male servant.

Painter: generic term for a person who paints. Could refer to a sign painter, an artist, or any person who paints items.

Paintress: female pottery worker who painted pottery by hand.

Paling Man: Eel seller.

Palister: a groundsman or park keeper.

Palmer: a Christian pilgrim who had visited the Holy Land and brought back a palm leaf folded into a cross. I first came across this term in a 1950s children's book about Robin Hood, where it appeared to be used as a generic term for a pilgrim.

Paneler: a Saddler.

Pannarius: Latin name for a Clothier.

Pannier Man: fish merchant.

Pannifex: seller of woollen cloth.

Pansmith: the person who made the pans used for open-pan salt making, or a generic term for a person who made and repaired cooking pans.

Panter: in a noble household the person in charge of the pantry, or in earlier times in charge of the provision of bread. This later became part of a Butler's job.

Pantile Polisher: worked in the pottery industry, brushing slip onto pantiles (roofing tiles).

Pantler: similar to Panter, the person in charge of the pantry.

Pantographer: operated a pantograph, a device used to draw a replica of an image by tracing lines. Used in the engraving process.

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Paper Colourer: worked in a paper mill adding pigment to paper.

Paper Cutter: cut paper to size during the manufacturing process.

Paper Dealer: a merchant selling paper.

Paper Factor: a merchant selling paper.

Paper Hanger: hanged wallpaper.

Paper Presser: clamped and pressed wet paper as part of its manufacture.

Paper Stainer: coloured paper by machine or by hand. The paper was commonly used as wallpaper.

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