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Definitions of jobs Tipstaff - Town Crier

Tipstaff: describes someone who carried a wooden staff tipped with metal as a badge of office. Usually refers to a member of law enforcement or a court attendant.

Tirewoman: a Domestic Maid who attended to her Lady's attire, or a theatre worker responsible for costumes.

Tisserand: old French term for a Weaver.

Tisserande: feminine variant of Tisserand, old French term for a Weaver.

Tixtor: variant of Textor, a textile Weaver.

Tobacco Spinner: made and sold tobacco products, e.g. cigars, snuff, etc. on the premises.

Tobacco Twister: alternate term for a Tobacco Spinner, a tobacconist.

Todhunter: a pest controller. Was paid by the local parish to deal with vermin including foxes. The term possibly dates back to the 12th century.

Todman: alternative term for a Todhunter, a fox hunter.

Toerag: a vagrant or beggar. If found in old newspaper quotes it may be a derogatory term for a scoundrel or person of no value. The term refers to a person being unable to afford socks so wraps rags around their feet instead. Numerous online lists define Toe Rag as a corn porter on the docks, but this is questionable. I speculate the source of this is a article about Newham Docks which mentions that people used the term when referring to corn porters there - this may well be derogatory rather than a factual job definition!

Toilinette Maker: made toilinette cloth which was used for making waistcoats.

Toll Agent: alternate term for a Tollkeeper, who collected toll money at a tollgate.

Toll Collector: alternate term for a Tollkeeper, who collected toll money at a tollgate.

Toller: alternate term for a Tollkeeper, who collected toll money at a tollgate.

Tollgate Keeper: alternate term for a Tollkeeper, who collected toll money at a tollgate.

Tollgatherer: yet alternate term for a Tollkeeper, who collected toll money at a tollgate.

Tollie: yet another alternate term for a Tollkeeper, who collected toll money at a tollgate. I'll stop doing this now.

Tollkeeper: collected tolls at a tollgate.

Tonsor: latin term for a Barber, may also refer to a Barber-Surgeon.

Tool Helver: made and fitted wooden handles for axes, hammers etc.

Top Sawyer: the upper sawyer working in a sawpit. Two men positioned timber over a pit, and then cut it using a big two handled saw. One man stood below the timber, the other stood above it.

Topman: nautical term for a main stationed aloft on a ship, or an abbreviation of a Top Sawyer; the upper sawyer working in a sawpit.

Topsman: senior Drover, herding cattle.

Tosher: the term was commonly used in Victorian England to refer to people scavenging for salvageable items in sewers, or who stripped copper from the hulls of ships.

Toter: person employed to carry something. The actual occupation depends upon the industry worked in.

Touch Holer: can include someone working in gunmaking, or someone worked with cannons, e.g. in the navy or military artillery. The term cones from the touch hole found on cannons and small arms.

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Tow Card Maker: worked in the textile industry. According to numerous online lists they made Tow Cards for use in a weaving mill. (Verification needed)

Town Chamberlain: an official responsible for a town's financial affairs.

Town Crier: an officer of the court shouting out public announcements, or an official making royal and public proclamations including bylaws, and advertising services.

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