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Definitions of jobs Trug Maker - Tyresmith

Trug Maker: may refer to a person who made baskets for gardening, trays, or hods for builders.

Trugger: an alternate term for a Trug Maker, or a Harlot.

Trusser: may be short for a Hay-Trusser who baled hay, or may refer to a person who made building trusses.

Tubber: slang term for a Cooper, who made barrels etc.

Tube Drawer: a metalworker who made metal tubes. These could have had many uses, for example in bicycle construction, gun barrels etc.

Tubman: in the legal profession a judge or a senior barrister in the Exchequer of Pleas, dating back until the late 12th century. In mining refers to a person who filled tubs with ore.

Tucker: a Fuller in the textile industry.

Tucker-In: a maid responsible for making beds, i.e. tucking in the bedclothes.

Tuner: tuned musical instruments such as a piano.

Turkey Red Dyer: dyed cotton cloth Turkey Red, a bright orange-red colour.

Turnbroach: Alternate term for a Turnspit, a person who rotated the spit to turn meat roasting in a medieval kitchen so that it cooked evenly.

Turner: an official overseeing tournaments, a person who made items on a lathe, a tumbler (a member of a troupe of gymnasts) or a pottery worker.

Turning Boy: boy working in the textile industry, responsible for turning the bar of a loom during weaving.

Turnkey: a warder in a gaol or prison.

Turnpike Keeper: alternate term for a Tollkeeper, who collected toll money at a tollgate. OK, I promised to stop repeating this definition after so many variants on the occupational name, will try harder this time.

Turnspit: worked in a medieval kitchen, rotating the spit while meat was roasting to ensure even cooking.

Tweenie: a housemaid who also assisted in the kitchen.

Tweeny: alternate spelling of Tweenie, a housemaid.

Twiller: worked in the textile industry, wove twill, a cloth with a distinctive diagonal pattern.

Twist Hand: worked in the textile industry, operated a machine for making lace.

Twist Tobacco Maker: spun and rolled tobacco leaves to produce strands resembling rope, which was then knotted. Such tobacco could be chewed or smoked.

Twister: a textile industry worker who operated a machine for winding and twisting threads.

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Twisterer: variation on Twister, a machine operator in the textile industry.

Type Founder: worked in a type foundry, designed and made wooden or metal typefaces to be used in printing. Alternate term for a Letter Founder.

Tyre Roller: US term for a Tyresmith, who made metallic tyres for wheels.

Tyresmith: made metal tyres for use on train wheels or for wooden cart wheels.

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