Dictionary of Old Occupations

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Definitions of jobs Gabeler - Gatherer

Gabeler: collected gabels, such as taxes, duty, service charges or rent.

Gaffer: implies a man with seniority, due to age or being in charge of others.

Gaffman: a Bailiff, or a maker of gaffs for landing fish.

Gager: alternative spelling of Gauger.

Gamekeeper: managed areas of countryside such as woodland, waterways and moorland to maintains stocks of game and fish for hunting and fishing.

Gamester: a professional gambler, or a euphemism for a prostitute.

Ganger: foreman of a work gang, which refers to a group of labourers.

Gangsman: alternative name for a Ganger.

Ganneker: an innkeeper.

Ganter: another name for a Gaunter. Gant is an old French word for glove.

Gaoler: the English spelling of Jailor.

Garcifer: stable boy or groom.

Garlekmonger: a garlic merchant.

Garthman: kept livestock. Garth refers to a grassed, enclosed area such as a paddock.

Gas Fitter: installed gas lamps prior to the availability of electric lighting.

Gas Maker: burned coal to produce gas for fuel.

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Gas Manager: worked in the mining industry, responsible for preventing death due to lethal underground gases.

Gas Stoker: burned coal to produce gas for fuel.

Gasser: worked in the textile industry, ‘gassing’ threads.

Gater: abbreviation for a gatekeeper.

Gatherer: worked in a glass making. Also, a possible abbreviation for a rag gatherer in the textile industry.

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