Firemen who gave their lives in the Coventry Blitz.

Dedication to Coventry firefighters

Dedicated to the memory of Coventry firemen.
(Picture taken under poor lighting conditions)

Located in St. Mary's Guildhall, Coventry there is a plaque dedicated to the firemen who gave their lives during the Coventry Blitz.

The dedication by Sir Aylmer Firebrace reads:

"Grim determination of the siren wailing - tension as the first bombs fell - exhilaration as he left cover to attend the first call - exaltation as the raids proceeded and hell was let loose around him.

Then exhaustion, and, finally, much later, satisfaction - satisfaction at having done a useful night's work.

Note - four slight discrepancies in spelling of names between the memorial and records on my site have been noted and checked against official records. In all cases my records were found to be accurate.

Plesae note, you can click on many of the names listed here in order to read further details about them.

Names of firemen listed as killed in the Blitz

Evans, W V
Finlay, S
Fraser, I A
Gould, J H
Grady, J H
Hammond, F A
Harrson, C H
Inmane, E
Jackson, W A E
Jones, E F
Jones, E J
Kenney, J
Kilbuern, F
Kimberley, W H
King, L G
Low H A
Lowe A H
Marriott H
Mason G H
Morris F A

Under Fire: Britain's Fire Service at War by John Leete

In the early stages of the Second World War, as the government realised the importance of a unified fire fighting force throughout the county, emergency provisions were made for a National Fire Service. This came into being in 1941.

This account of the NFS from its foundation includes many vivid and moving interviews with firemen and women who lived through the period, previously unseen photographs and documents.