Unlisted victims of the Coventry Blitz, London Road Cemetery

Over 1200 people were killed in Coventry in World War Two. 808 of these are buried at London Road.

Photo of the Coventry Blitz Memorial 2005 kindly donated by Debbie Williamson

Many of those killed do not appear on this memorial, if you would like me to check for a particular name not listed please contact me.

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Here you will find an index of victims of the Coventry Blitz who are not listed on the London Road War Memorial.

Where I have researched additional details regarding these deaths, you can click on the links below to access my research findings.

If you are looking for an index of individuals listed on the War Memorial, this link takes you there.

If you have a relation who was killed in the Blitz and would like me to add more information about them and how they died, perhaps even a photograph, just contact me.

Where I have researched relevant information regarding an individual listed below, you can click on their name to find out more about them.

If a name is not clickable, it means I have yet to find information about them. If you have knowledge about an individual to help me fill in a gap, then please let me know.

Adams, A M
Adams, C
Adams, H
Ager, K A
Allen, C
Alexander, DF
Alexander, R
Allen-Smith, M G
Allen, H M
Allen, H R
Allen, I G
Allsopp, C
Allton, N
Amrein, K G
Angliss, E
Angus, F H
Arnold, T H
Ashman, I J
Ashman, W A
Bacon, A
Bacon, C
Bacon, K I
Bailey, G H
Baldock, A
Baldock, F M M
Barfoot, M A
Barnes, E
Barnes, R
Barnett, MF
Barratt, F
Barson, W H
Basketts, W H
Bates, H
Batten, G T
Bausor, H
Baxter, J W C
Bearsley, S A
Beasley, A
Beasley, D
Beck, AJ
Bee, D
Bennett, C
Bennett, J
Berry, H
Bickerton, A E
Bird, G
Blagburn, J C
Blakeman, S T
Blenkinsop, M J
Blockley, M J
Bolton, T
Bottrill, F B
Bottrill, F W
Bourdon, A A
Bowers, W H
Bown, A W
Bowron, HA
Boyles, G W
Bradford, B
Bradley, A
Bradley, E
Breeze, A V
Briers, D J
Briers, J
Briers, S L
Brinker, L E
Broughton, T B
Brown, W H E
Buckley, L L
Buckley, R
Buckingham, H
Bucknall, H
Bullock, H
Bunstone, J
Burrows, D W
Burrows, M
Burrows, F
Cakebread, J
Carr, E
Carpenter, H E
Carter, I
Case, E L
Case, J
Cashmore, J
Chambers, H
Chilton, G H
Clapp, A V
Clark, A
Clarke, E M
Clarke, H
Clarke, H
Clarke, I V
Clarke, M
Coates, E
Collier, H J
Congrave, L
Cook, D
Cook, H
Cook, J H
Cook, L L
Cooke, G F
Cottam, R
Cotton, L C
Craddock, A W
Cronin, M J
Cumner, L G
Currie, G
Danes, G D
Danes, R J
Davies, J
Davy, H M
Deeley, M
Donovan, J J
Dowling, JG
Doyle, E M
Doyle, K A
Eades, E
Eades, J W
Eaton, A
Edkins, G E
Edmunds, W A
Edmunds, W F
Edwards, G
Elden, G J
Elden, J L
Elkington, D T
Farndon, C
Finlay, S
Foley, P
Forster, R
Fox, J A
Frost, A E
Frowen, A G
Frowen, E H
Galsworthy, T J
Gatford, F
Gibson, B
Glenny, A E I
Glenny, L
Goldby, L
Gould, J H
Grant, F M
Green, J S
Grensell, V
Haden, E
Haden, J
Hadingham, A E
Halls, G
Hammond, F A
Hands, E A
Hands, E H
Harris, A
Harris, B
Harris, E
Harris, G
Harris, J
Harris, W
Harrison, C H
Harrow, J H
Hartell, W E
Hartley, B A
Hartley, E
Hartley, J
Hawkins, C T
Hayes, S
Haynes, M E
Hazlewood, J W
Henry, C
Heynes, S W
Higgins, A
Hiscocks, A
Hoare, J D
Holliday, C
Holliday, H
Holroyd, J
Holt, F
Horton, E
Horton, D S
Horton, E H
Howells, KD
Howells, J
Howells, RC
Howells, WM
Hughes, W J
Humphreys, S
Huston, V H
Hutt, C E
Ince, A H
Inman, E
Jackson, H M
Jakeman, A G
Jakeman, W
James, A D
James, W H D
Jeffery, C M
Jennings, C
Jones, E F
Jones, J O
Jones, W A
Jowett, F
Kearns, A A
Keay, W T
Kelsey, M
Kimberley, MS
King, LG
Kinzett, S
Kirk, J H
Kirkman, A E
Kirkman, H K
Kirkman, J A
Kletzenbauer, J
Knighton, B J
Knutton, E M
Lake, FA
Lamb, B
Lambe, W R
Lampitt, D
Lane, R E
Lapworth, D
Larner, P E
Lawrence, E H
Leech, M
Leedham, W H
Lees, T
Lester, H
Lewin, A C
Lewin, G E
Lewis, S A
Litchfield, H L
Littlehales, P M
Littlewood, E A
Lockett, A
Logan, J F C
Longslow, W R
Lovell, E M
Lovell, K R
Lovell, M W
Lowe, A H
Lucas, C E
Lucas, F
Ludford, W E
Magson, E M
Magson, R S
Maguire, E
Maguire, J V
Maile or Mailey, E
Mardling, B
Mardling, H
Marsden, F T
Mason, GH
Masser, C D
Matts, A F
Mayer, H
Mayer, M
Mayer, P C
McArthur, A T
McInerney, J
McMurdie, DA
Medcraft, L
Millerchip, M J
Moody, E
Moody, P C
Morrell, M P
Mott, W
Mulhall, R
Munt, W H
Murphy, E
Nevens, A
Newman, H M
Nichol, A
Nichol, J
Nightingale, S
Noon, J T W E
O'Brian, M
Olbort, W
Oldfield, E
Oldfield, G
Oldfield, H
Oldfield, L
Oldfield, M
Over, TG
Overend, L L
Overend, T H
Pargetor, E
Painter, B
Parish, H
Parish, S J
Parish, S L
Parr, A
Parr, N M
Penn, A
Penn, C
Phillips, J A
Phillips, W J
Pickering, L
Pickering, L
Pickering, P M
Piggon, B M
Piggott, A P
Piggott, E
Piggott, M M
Potter, G A
Powley, H
Powley, P
Powley, W
Price, H
Price, J P
Price, R A
Print, A
Pyett, P W
Quinn, M
Randel, K A|
Reader, E K
Reader, W H
Reader, W N
Reeves, J
Reeves, L B
Rhodes, J A
Richardson, R J
Robbins, P A
Roberts, H W
Roberts, J
Roberts, J H
Roberts, P R
Robinson, F
Rogers, C R
Rollins, J D
Rollins, K C
Rollins, M
Rowson, E A
Sandford, C
Saunderson, M A
Saunderson, S B
Scandlon, M C
Scott, D
Scott, F
Scott, L
Sear, S A
Seltzer, J
Sharp, M A
Shillcock, H M
Shoesmith, W J
Shore, Garnet
Simpson, A
Simpson, J S
Simpson, M G G
Sinclair, A
Sinclair, W M
Sinclair, W M G
Skinner, W C
Smith, J W
Smith, R
Smith, R
Smith, R L
Smyth, J M
Snape, A E
Snape, K G
Snape, W J
Snell, E H
Souter, L L
Sparrow, A
Spratt, G
Stanley, R C
Steane, A
Stephen, J H
Stephens, H
Stones, G H
Strong, F S
Sturman, W E
Sturt, H H
Tatchell, E M
Tebbutt, J
Thomas, P
Tilley, E J
Timms, W A H
Tomlinson, G
Tong, W H
Tordoff, W
Tovey, M
Towers, J
Townsend, E
Townson, R
Turvey, B B
Twigger, G
Walters, L
Walters, N T
Walton, A H
Wanless, J
Ward, P
Warner, M M D
Warren, H S
Waterer, F G
Watchorn, W
Watkin, T E
Watkins, B E
Watson, W W
Whitehouse, H A
Wickham, R A
Wilkins, W H
Wilkinson, D M
Wilkinson, E J
Willetts, J
Williams, G
Williams, S J
Willn, E
Willoughby, H F
Wing, B G
Winterburn, J
Wiseman, E E
Witcomb, E
Wood, E
Wood, R W
Woodfield, A T
Woodfield, F Z
Worthington, H
Worthington, J
Worthington, L A
Worthington, M A
Wright, D
Wright, G
Yates, F
Yarrow, J H
Young, A
Young, F B

Other possible Victims

Rebecca Beatrice Wienholdt nee Fleming

Owen Martin. (Information supplied by family member Anne in 2013: Owen was working in a tyre factory on Coventry at the time of the blitz when he disappeared. It is possible that Owen is one of the 35 unidentified blitz victims buried in the mass grave at London Road Cemetery).

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