16th Warwickshire (Coventry) Battalion Home Guard

Local Coventry Home Guard historical memorabilia. (Part 6)

Programme from 1943 kindly donated by M Ackril, transcribed by Jane Hewitt Family Tree Researcher

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7.30 p.m.-HOME GUARD DEMONSTRATION BY "A" COMPANY, arranged and Produced by the Company Commander, Captain B.J. Bayliss.

The issue of Bayonets to the P.B.I. is proof of the fact that, despite all other appearances to the contrary, there is a least one human heart tucked away in granite-faced Whitehall, for the Bayonet, like the proverbial "maid of all work," is a source of comfort in so many circumstances. You want your Machonichie opened-use your Bayonet, you want to chop some wood for the fire - there's your Bayonet, you want to make some toast-good old Bayonet. Through the ages, since its first issue, the Bayonet has been doing those little jobs which make all the difference.

It appears that after the Bayonet had been in circulation for some time, one bright lad discovered that it could be fastened on to the end of his, bondook (Bondook is Indian army slang for rifle), thus enable him to extend is usefulness considerably. The idea developed at an astonishing rate, and in no time at all, "cold Steel" was fashionable.

So now, at the end of a rifle, the Bayonet is used as an official weapon, although Lord Croft has his won patent, "A" Company shows you a very small part of the lengthy and arduous training required to become proficient and to wear the right expression. We shall finish up with a "Mad Minute" and show that we're prepared for other happenings as well.

Commentator-Captain B.J. BAYLISS.

7.50 p.m.-FIRE BRIGADE DISPLAY.-By the Daimler Works Fire Brigade, under the Direction of Deputy Chief Officer H. Weston.

The Brigade will give a Demonstration of Rescue Work and Pump Drill which will be carried out by two Crews of six Men.

Commentator-Lieut. H WESTON.

8.5 p.m.-MOUNTING THE GUARD. 16th (Coventry) Company, 7th Bn R.W. Cadets. Officer Commanding: Captain J. T. Bakewell.

The Company will give a Demonstration of Guard Mounting, and the following points may be of interest:-

The Ceremony goes back to the days when Kings went to war and Piquet's or sentries were posted round their tents. The Officer making the rounds is still known as the "Piquet Officer". The new guard is usually mounted at 18.00 (6 p.m.) in camps, etc: but the palace guard is changed at 10.30 (a.m.).

Commentator: Lieut. R. T. HANCOX.

8.20 p.m.-HOME GUARD DEMONSTRATION BY "C" COMPANY. Arranged and Produced by the company Commander. Captain A. N. L. Bottomley.


Commentator: Sergt. PEERS.


Arranged and Produced by Captain R. C. Marshall, Battalion Training Officer.

The men will carry out Figure Marching, Mass Marching and Counter Marching.

8.45 p.m.-GRAND FINALE.




Numbers correspond with Numbers worn by Competitors.

Lt. Nobbs -
Pte. Proctor 47
Pte. Swift 48
Pte. Wright 49
Pte. Sanders 50
Pte. B. Wright 51
Pte. Chivers 52
Pte. Woolley 53
Pte. Butler 54
Pte. Berry 65
Pte. Taylor 69
Pte. Matthews 73
Pte. Blackwell 77
Pte. Spakes -
Cpl. Jones -
Pte. Cianfarano -
Pte. Morris -
2/Lt. Hales -
L/Cpl. Bowmaker -
L/Cpl. Ward 40
L/Cpl. Green 41
L/Cpl. Edwards 42
L/Cpl. Hughes 43
L/Cpl. Pell 44
L/Cpl Bickley 45
L/Cpl. Irvine 46
Pte. Swift 66
Pte. Jackson 70
Pte. Spencer 74
Pte. Chaplin 78
Ptel Gee. A. 82
Pte. Langton -
Pte. Palmer -
2/Lt. Clayton 220
C.M.S. Gee -
Cpl. Whitehead -
Cpl. Harris -
Cpl. Holland -
Cpl. Mann -
Pte. Grantham 55
L/Cpl. Lynes 56
Pte. Roe 57
Pte. Toal 58
Pte. Wattis 67
Pte. Moulding 71
Pte. Thompson 75
Pte. Haddon 79
Pte. Fallows 83
Pte. Jones. W. E. -
Pte. Howard -
Sergt. Worrall -
Sergt. Ball -
Sergt. Reddington -
Pte. Ewing 59
Pte. Perry 60
POte Hopley 61
Pte. Scott 62
Pte. Parker 63
Pte. Handford 64
Pte. Harrison 68
Pte. Giles 72
Pte. Scally 76
Pte. Walker 80
Pte. Miller 84
Pte. Mullis -
Pte. Jackson. W. G. -

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