WW2 Burials at London Road, Coventry

The following is a list of those killed in the Second World War and buried in London Road Cemetery, Coventry

If you are interested in any of the names listed or anyone from or residing in Coventry who was killed in the First or Second World Wars, please contact me.

I can research local historic records including the Coventry Roll of the Fallen for further details.

I can also photograph local graves and lay flowers on your behalf.

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Richard Gilchrest, Sapper Royal Engineers, died 18/10/1941, age 23

Horace Richard Goode, Engineman Royal Naval Patrol Service, died 30/09/1943, age 28

John Robert Seaforth Gordon, Pilot Officer Royal Air Force, died 03/09/1940, age 25

Joseph Graeff, Serjeant Royal Artillery, died 10/03/1946, age 38

Ernest Gray, Gunner Royal Artillery, died 13/01/1943, age -

Cornelius Griffin, Private Royal Army Medical Corps, died 21/02/1945, age 31

George Frederick William Habbishaw, Gunner Royal Artillery, died 19/11/1940, age -

Edward Hall, Corporal Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, died 20/02/1944, age 23

Thomas Hancox, Able Seaman Royal Navy, died 27/11/1943, age 56

Raymond Albert Harris, Sergeant Flight Engineer RAF Reserve, died 22/10/1943, age 19

George Morrell Harrison, Flying Officer Navigator RAF Volunteer Reserve, died 01/08/1946, age 28

Ronald Alfred Hartwell, Sgt. Wireless Operator/Air Gunner RAF Reserve, died 19/05/1943, age 22

Frank Lawrence Hesford, Sub-Lieutenant Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, died 15/03/1944, age 25

John James Hicks, Aircraftman 2nd Class RAF Volunteer Reserve, died 25/12/1946, age 18

James Robert Hill, Private King's Own Royal Regiment Lancaster, died 05/10/1944, age 43

Albert Hood, Leading Aircraftman RAF Volunteer Reserve, died 03/10/1942, age -

Frank Hughes, Air Fitter Royal Navy, died 30/04/1943, age 21

Alfred Hurst, Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment, died 17/08/1943, age 30

James Melville Dundas Irvine, Pilot Officer Royal Air Force, died 24/05/1940, age 21

Frank Jakeman, Private Worcestershire Regiment, died 14/09/1942, age 25

Alfred Jones, Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment, died 28/03/1941, age -

Jack Hopson Kedge, Gunner Royal Artillery, died 11/01/1942, age 21

Ralph Kilbuern, Sergeant Pilot Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, died 21/04/1941, age 23

Ronald Wilfred Langshaw, Sub-Lieutenant Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, died 28/07/1941, age 20

Horace Lapworth, Lance Corporal Royal Berkshire Regiment, died 22/06/1941, age 32

William George Lewis, Private Royal Army Service Corps, died 10/04/1941, age -

Ernest Lunn, Company Quartermaster Sergeant Royal Warwickshires, died 10/09/1944, age -

Royden Marshall, Leading Aircraftman Pilot Royal Air Force, died 07/10/1941, age 26

John McInerney, Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment, died 14/11/1940, age 50

William Owen Montgomery, Private South Staffordshire Regiment, died 19/10/1941, age 24

Eric John Moore, Able Seaman Royal Navy, died 09/11/1946, age 27

George Ronald Moore, Bombardier Royal Artillery, died 13/12/1942, age 30

Thomas Gordon Moore, Lance Bombardier Royal Artillery, died 23/10/1943, age 20

Nelly Frances Morgan, Private Auxiliary Territorial Service, died 15/03/1947, age 21

Derek Mowe, Marine Royal Marine Engineers, died 05/03/1945, age 24

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